Recommendations in Dublin 320K/340K 3 bed House


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I'm originally from Dublin but living outside of Dublin 10+ years now. I've been planning to move back for some time. I had approval in principle in place and planned to put house on market but then halted everything when covid landed. I was then on the wage subsidy scheme so mortgage approval was out of the question but now I'm looking to move ahead again next year all going ok.

I am originally from Ringsend area of Dublin but that's totally unaffordable now. Living rural now has been great in some ways but very isolating so I'm looking to get back to Dublin, however I'm not tied to any particular area.

I'm expecting my budget to be around 320K-340K and here's some things I'm considering :
- 3 bed house (or 2 bed with possibility to convert attic )
- Suitable for one adult and 2 teens/almost teens
- proximity to decent secondary school (mixed school) or close enough to public transport to allow travel
- close enough to a grocery shop / supermarket
- family friendly area (basically not a student party area)
- decent walking loop nearby (park, trail or something)
- House itself would need to be in decent state or lower priced so I could put some money in to upgrading
- within reasonable distance of third level (say around an hour or so travel, or less if possible - children will have to commute from home in few years)
- public transport or taxi journey to hospital - not urgent now but future proofing as will be planning to stay in this home for many years.

Does anyone have any suggestions on areas that they would recommend from first hand experience? Few areas that I think are in this price range are parts of Swords, Dublin 5, East Wall, Crumlin and surrounding areas, Lucan..

Can anyone give advise on any of these areas or other areas please?


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2,644 -> filter for price, house, no. bedrooms.

Eliminate anything you really don't want e.g. busy road, small garden, abbatoir next store.

Run your checklist against what's left.

Pick 6 -8 to go and view, bring a tape measure, draw a floor plan.

Pick 3 to do a second viewing.

Put offers in on 2.

Good luck!
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