Child Benefit Compliance


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And here:

And here:
Oh dear.
Perhaps if you take my comments in their entirety instead of picking the snippets that suit your agenda, then the context upon which I made my remarks can be better understood?

This looks like a strong case of discriminatory racial profiling based on nationality
It is not risk based if the claimant is within their rights
It looks like
so what is occurring in some instances appears to be
the blunt nature of profiling people by their nationality, and by the sounds of things very little else, DEASP are opening themselves to accusations of discrimination against those of foreign nationality.

Im suggesting that by default, the system is wholly inadequate, antiquated, and as a consequence, has morphed into an exercise that discriminates against people of foreign nationality despite the information already provided to DEASP.
By repeatedly targeting individuals based on their nationality, and apparently not much else, it is providing grounds for discrimination.
And a terrible waste of resources.
I have formed an opinion that suggests a process of discriminatory profiling based on nationality may be occurring.
These are all qualifying statements that have deduced nothing. Other than if they are true, then it amounts to a terrible waste of resources.
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I'm Irish and my husband is Irish. I receive these requests up to 3 times in a year. I simply fill them out and send them back. It's not a major hassle, so long as I don't forget to post it. Part of the T&C of receiving the benefit is to meet the residency requirements so I'm happy to confirm them.


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That is all well and good, and its great you dont feel it as a hassle. But for how many years, and how many times have you filled out the forms?
Unless DEASP have some other information about you that suggests you may be committing fraud, then for what purpose are they continually spending their resources by selecting you?
Unless you are moving regularly, it makes no sense to me and is indicative of the antiquated postal system.
There is a lot more effective and efficient technology available these days to better administer this scheme and target possible fraud.