Calling AIB customers who fixed before the latest fixed rate cuts


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Why did you not grab it when it was zero?

I think it will still be zero for most people.

My apologies if I wasn't clear, I did take it in March. But my redress will be in the form of cheque and not write down (same property but original joint mortgage a/c closed as changed to single name) so won't be able to pay down on it unless I break again.


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Just to update, we fixed for 5 years at 2.55% in March when the new rates were announced. We've had thoughts about moving house within the next 5 years and I requested the break fee to see what it would be. I just got the letter, it says break fee of €0.00 for early redemption. I don't want to "redeem the mortgage", just wanted a figure for moving from 5 year fixed to 3 year fixed. Perhaps my email wasn't clear. (Or it can mean the same thing?)
But might be helpful to someone else who wanted to try to move from 5 years to 3 years.

*I emailed August 27th, letter today 2nd Sept. And have until 7th Spet to reply before the quote is recalculated.