Anyone risking booking a foreign holiday


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I was due to go on a hiking trip which I have just cancelled due to quarantining for 2 weeks upon return. I fear that in the next month we might see restrictions increased again.

I had planned an Italy trip in June which was cancelled, and due to go to New York in September. I am not just cancelling everything for the foreseeable future.

I have been spending some time down in Wexford since travel restrictions have been lifted. The beaches are busy, but in general social distancing in shops etc is working well.


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Note that the Department of Foreign Affairs has changed its travel advisory for green list countries to "take normal precautions".

Despite this however, Insurance Ireland said earlier this week that the green list “does not equate to a relaxation of the non-essential travel policy”.
This suggested that insurance companies may take the view that, green list or no green list, Irish tourists may not be covered if they travel abroad for non-essential reasons.
Insurance Ireland was correctly pointing to the fact that the overarching government advice was still to avoid non-essential travel.
In a statement today, Irish travel insurance provider called for greater clarification and labelled the advice for green list countries as ‘very conflicting’.
Asked about the insurance issue, Coveney said that insurance companies will make decisions on the basis of the official travel advice and that the advice has changed in relation to the 15 countries.
The best advice, however, is probably to check with your own insurance provider before making any decisions.



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Has "non-essential travel" been defined?
No but surely common sense should kick in. So travelling for medical treatment, perhaps to see a seriously ill or dying family member then yes, travelling for any kind of holiday, definately not. Work is more difficult, there isn't a single reason in this day and age for anyone to travel for meetings for example but the likes of lorry drivers are excluded from the 14 day rule.


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I had a look at some of the finer detail of areas with high levels of Covid in Spain. The map that is provided gives a breakdown of each area where there are cases, numbers etc.

There are many places where there are nil cases of Covid in Spain.

Also reading some comments from people who are travelling. Many are not having "housekeeping" call in to their room during their stay. They leave their room thrash outside the door. This is taken and an empty bag left. Also clean towels.....these are left in a sealed cloth bag outside your room.

My big problem is airports and flying. I am not so concerned about the destination.


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joe sod

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Ireland is at 5 cases per 100,000, Canada is 2 per 100,000
But Canada is beside us and they want to stop us travellers from coming. Also because US is our most important market maybe they not want to appear to be singling out the US so better not put Canada on green list. A flight to Europe is a short plane trip, whereas a flight to Canada be at least 7hrs a long time in a high risk environment. We are an EU country so the priority must be to open up to European travel first.


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I'm watching the whole Covid-19 situation in Spain and other countries including Ireland with interest. To be honest I find it difficult to take that the likes of governments in some countries are withholding much truth and fobbing us with lies. So the Balearic and Canary Islands are relatively free of Covid-19, Andalucía is relatively safe. But Madrid and Barcelona are areas of worry in Spain (both Covid Hotspots). There are millions in each and guess where they flock to on holidays. You've guessed it the Balearics and Canaries and the Costas. My personal opinion:- It's only a matter of a short time before there will be more Covid Hotspots in Spain.

Usually we'd spend 2 months in Spain for the summer. We didn't travel this year because of Covid-19. I've been in touch with my Brit neighbours in Spain. Many expat Brits are in fear of catching Covid-19 from the holidaymakers arriving from the UK and Madrid/Barcelona. There is some animosity between holidaymakers and expats living in the resorts. Several travel forums and facebook are awash with lies regarding holiday resorts too.

Mrs Lep and I feel much safer in Ireland and I feel many Irish are less than careful by travelling to countries not on the green list. Am I over-reacting? I don't think so.


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There is some animosity between holidaymakers and expats living in the resorts.
Didn't somewhere in Co. Clare warn second home owners their houses would be burnt ! One of my kids is in Spain, due back at the weekend. Seville area. Went to visit a Spanish friend.

If I'd a choice between two months in Ireland and two months in Spain I would have gone to Spain. But each to their own. If this continues much longer I'm considering moving lock stock and barrel to the South of Spain. Or buying something there and living there for as much time as I can. We were considering that anyway but Covid may spur us on to actually doing it.