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    Hi, just put a deposit down on a lavery along the northern boundary ( the rear looks out on to the millionaire row of 3-4 house) that became available when the original purchaser decided not to procede.

    As its northern facing, just enquiring as to peoples experience of light within the kitchen?

    What have been the main issues to look out for in snagging?
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    Hi all,

    I have created my account here today. Happy to inform that I have signed the contracts for a 4 Bed Osborne Style house in HP a month ago. I am looking for some help for the below queries, Could you please help?

    1) I am trying to get floor plans with dimensions but Park Developers/SherryFitz said they don't give floor plans. Have anyone got the floor plans for Osborne/Swift house?

    2) I am seeking opinions on reputable professionals to conduct a snag on my house. Have anybody got the snagging done recently for Swift style 4 bed houses in HP? Any Experiences?

    3) I am planning to extend my house towards rear(The kitchen part as in the image). Does anyone have extended the house in HP? Will there be any impact on energy rating after extension? Any recommendations/Suggestions?

    4) Anyone who purchased Osborne Style house have an idea of the completion date?

    5) Are there any thing we need to look for apart from snagging/appliances when we get keys?

    Thanks in lot advance!
  3. Redsea

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    We have a north-facing lavery and I was a little worried about this too. However, we're pleasantly surprised. It's never as dark outside as it is this time of year and yet it's fine in the kitchen. Certainly no need for lights during the day or anything like that. Bottoms end of the garden even gets a bit of sun at noon these days :)
  4. Redsea

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    1) There are floor plans on the planning permission application on the Fingal planning application website. You'll have to dig for them but they're there. There's also a link to it somewhere in the previous few pages on this thread.

    2) We got a company call Thorntons - happy with job. There's not a whole pile to snag really, just loads of superficial stuff. The site foreman recommends you wait until you have moved everything in and then get the last touch ups done. You'll have lots of little dings and paint chips after moving furniture and beds etc. which they'll be happy to touch up.

    3) I doubt anyone has got round to an extension yet, other than an attic conversion. Whether it affects the energy rating will be completely down to the design, but unless you're builder and architect are incompetent, then it shouldn't.

    4) Dunno. Get on to Park Developments themselves and ask. You'll probably get a 1 to 2 month window though as unexpected stuff happens and they won't want to disappoint.

    5) Make sure all the appliances are working - some of ours were plugged out at the back and we had to get them to take them out and plug them in.
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    Hi everyone and congratulations to all who have bought a house in Hamilton and diswellstown manor!

    To all the estate stalkers - you are more than welcome obviously you are probably in the process of buying a house or thinking of such. I remember this excitement myself! ... however (for the select few) I would be incredibly grateful if you could be mindful that there are people living in the houses so please stop peering in through my windows and parking in ridiculous places. Please also stop driving at speed, there are children in the estates. Thanks a mil!
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    Thanks a million!
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    Hi All, just wondering who the residents of Diswellstown found to be the best provider for internet services in the area.

  8. Conor Carroll

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    I've been in one of the North facing lavery's
    Light in the kitchen is quite poor, light in the hall upstairs is also quite poor. Other than that, it's a great house, thoroughly recommend them. Good build quality, great size, value for money in the area, etc etc. I could go on, but very happy with mine
  9. willowthewisp

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    Virgin are the best option.
  10. cmx_70

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    Spring is here, has anyone got the garden sorted in DM? Any recommendations people may have on Landscaping Contractors would be appreciated. Does anyone happen to know what company was hired by Corcom to landscape the site? Would they be an option worth exploring?

  11. lukeskywalker

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    I know that Chris Quigley has done some gardens in DM and also some other new estates like Fairhaven. If you Google him you will get his details.
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    Does anyone know how the Hamilton park apartments will look when they are finished?
    At the moments the brickwork is very dark on them. Are they going to be fully in dark brick?
  13. HamiltonPark

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    suspicious activity in Hamilton Park.
    anyone else notice a few dodgy lookin young lads after dark in a silver polo 00-KK reg; together with a silver BMW (late 90's; 3 series maybe)?
    Been noticing them the last few nights, sometimes a few times a night.
    They are parking outside / watching houses.
    Also parking, getting out of car, dressed all in black, cant see where they are going, maybe into the unoccupied houses.
    May be nothing, just seems odd.
  14. Nordkapp

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    I presume you have reported this to the Gardai and likewise the developer as he is still building? These things need to be nipped in the bud before something does happen.
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    Haven't noticed anything but haven't really been looking outside either to be honest. Where about's in the estate are they parking? I would definitely mention at the security hut on the way in as they should be patrolling the estate....particularly if they are around the unsold/unfinished units.
  16. Redsea

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    I actually noticed these chaps on Saturday night and meant to tell the security guard - thanks for reminding me. You should mention it as well so that they know I'm not just a crank. They made for the only part of the estate where there are unoccupied new houses and no street lighting yet. I'm pretty sure they are just looking for an empty house to hang out in and get their drink and smoke on but left once there was no easy pickings. There is nothing worth robbing down there yet. There used to be a gang of like-minded bike-riding yoofs at the same thing. The security guard used to be chasing them around the place with an iron bar :)