Why do we not have Uber in Ireland?


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It's very frustrating. I've used Uber dozens of times in USA and Europe, always great service.

Irish taxis can be very variable; most are fine, but some are atrocious and you can't do much about it. With Uber the drivers are so keen to please and get their 5 star review. Passengers are also rated so it encourages customers to behave too.

In USA I've been offered cold water, chewing gum, you can play your own Spotify, etc. Last week I politely asked an Irish taxi driver if he could turn down the radio and I thought he was going to kick me out of the car!

I don't buy the security/safety arguments either. I booked a taxi last year on Hailo and when he arrived the plate number was different to the app. The driver was very aggressive and said that he had left his own cab in for repair and borrowed his friend's taxi. I cancelled, he went berserk, and when I reported him the response was effectively a shrug. On Uber (and Hailo to be fair) there is a photo of the driver, car details, and the company can track things, so much safer.

Uber is all cards too which means better tax compliance...


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Uber is here.They use licensed taxi drivers.
What you are asking for is unlicensed private car drivers to drive you around. This is not legal here.
A key part of Ubers model is surge pricing in busy periods.This is also illegal.
If Uber want to sign up say a thousand taxi drivers to work for peanuts,apart from 4 hours a day where they can earn the standard fares,then good luck to them.
In London,they use private hire licenses,which aren't issued here at all(commonly known as Hackney's) so that route is closed to them also.
However,I refuse to believe that the situation is anywhere near as dire as Adrian portrays.An hour to get a taxi to the airport!
When an airport job goes up on mytaxi it is responded to normally in under a minute.
(The same mytaxi that is predominantly card based,has a rating system,and gives you the driver details )
Disclaimer:I am a taxi driver


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Not wishing to derail this thread but I've used a number of taxis recently and of the last five three of the cars absolutely stank. In two of those cases the driver was the source. I'm not sure about the third. I will frequently move along the queue of cars at a rank until I see one that I want to use. If I'm paying the same price i'd rather be brought home in a clean S-Class Merc than a dirty smelly Avensis.
I've used Uber in the USA but I'd rather use a taxi. I remember the bad old days of 2-3 hour queues in Dublin for a cab. The service is great now though, along with most of my friends, I've stopped using mytaxi since they introduced the €2 pick-up charge. The whole point of the App was that a car which was passing by could get a local fair.


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The €2 pick up charge was always a legal charge sanctioned by the NTA .Mytaxi discounted it for a few years to build up their business. Most of your friends might have told you that they no longer use mytaxi.
Judging by the amount of work on the app,I'd say at least some of them might have stopped using it for a few weeks,only.
If you have any issues about a taxi under any of the following headings,please make a complaint so the whole industry can improve

'Section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 sets out the categories of complaint that can be dealt with by the Authority. These include complaints relating to:

  1. The condition, roadworthiness and cleanliness of the vehicle;
  2. The conduct, behaviour and identification of an SPSV driver;
  3. Overcharging and other matters relating to fares;
  4. The hiring and booking of the SPSV; and
  5. Identification and general appearance of the SPSV'

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I do the same...some drivers go crazy when you walk down a queue of cars to the most clean and comfortable car but c’est la vie.