What Solicitor Should Charge For Uncomplicated Probate


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Just wondering what a solicitor should charge for probate. Looking for a fixed fee, south Dublin or city centre. Its quite uncomplicated. House in joint names already, and accounts held by one parent need to be transferred to the other parent who is the sole beneficiary (1-3 accounts / investments with 8 financial institutions/ have documentation). There are no debts. Parents solicitor has house deeds and will but has a history of being pricy.


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You could do it yourself?

Or google Cheap Probate Solicitors Ireland and ask the featured ones for a quote?



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Nothing is ever quite as uncomplicated as it seems, but DIY probate is possible.

There's quite a good thread on this board about it.

You need to be pretty organised and good with paperwork & detail. If that makes your blood run cold, get someone else to do it.


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If you are doing a personal application you can get a pack from the Probate Office which is quite clear on what you need to do. This forum is also very helpful. Also you will have to compare the cost a solicitor might charge with the Probate Fee for a Personal Applicant which is scaled based on the value of the estate. For estates valued at €300,000 the fee is €606 and for every additional €31,250 a fee of €24 is charged. Smaller estates attract lower fees. Fees are payable at the interview stage - should the Probate Office accept the application for consideration. They have the right to require applicants to use a solicitor.


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You should ask the solicitor what he will charge you to take out probate. If you're not happy with the cost, just go to another solicitor and do likewise. I did on two occasions.


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Do you need probate? If the house is in joint names it will pass to the surviving person. Same applies with joint accounts, there is paperwork but banks are very helpful in sorting that out. When my dad died, his will passed everything to my Mam. There was no need for probate because they had wills in place. Only complicated thing was transferring some shares which took a while but that was down to Computershare being useless but we sorted it ourselves over a few months.


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There was no need for probate because they had wills in place.
The existence of a will doesn't remove the need for probate. In your example the joint ownership dealt with most aspects, and the remaining estate was probably small enough to be dealt with without probate.

In OPs case, if bank accounts contain more than 25k, banks will insist on seeing grant if probate before transferring. Some banks set a lower threshold.