Key Post What can someone on a PTSB SVR mortgage do?

Brendan Burgess

The only way in which PTSB can be pressurised to reduce their SVR is if everyone puts pressure on PTSB , the government and the Financial Regulator.

  • Write to your local TD about the issue and post the response here on askaboutmoney
  • If the Minister for Finance, the Taoiseach or the Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Brian Hayes, is in your constituency, call on them.
  • Write to the directors of PTSB
  • Make a complaint to the Central Bank that the directors of PTSB are unfit to be directors.
  • If you know anyone in the media, tell them the story - send them this facfile
  • If you see an article in the paper about banks passing on interest rate cuts, contact the writer and tell them that the absolute rate is the more important issue.
  • If you hear mortgages being discussed on the radio or TV, text or call the show.
  • Like the Facebook Campaign page
  • Follow the Twitter page
  • Tell your friends in the pub about the rate you are paying. Ireland is a small country and you would never know who might know someone else who can influence things.
  • Journalists like personal stories. If you are prepared to tell your story to a journalist, let me know at
  • If you have taken a case to the Ombudsman, let us know about it here.
  • If you are a shareholder in Irish Life and Permanent, make sure to go to the AGM.


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hi Brendan

Currently paying 4.68% to EBS - do you suggest the same tactics !
Should I approach EBS first and what line should I take?

kind rgds


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The facebook page....
There are some 80,000 SVR customers of PTSB.
72 people like the facebook page - I was number 72.

On facebook, message every single person you know inviting them to the page and encourage them to hang out on AAM,
especially if they are being roasted by PTSB.
Keep posting to threads about PTSB and keep it up the top of the list.

I told a friend last night I am writing to the directors of PTSB. He replied that he didn't think it would much good.
That is the very attitude that keeps people singular and not seek out others to go crazy about the rates.
Every person counts.


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Is there anyone in Europe we could start writing to? The ECB are reducing the rates to help the people but the PTSB isn't passing it on? I wrote to the Ombudsman but got the "rates can go up as well as down" reply.


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Yes but the ECB rates are low and their rates are high along with the other contradictions of the banks the state now own.
Don't accept a first fob off. Write back and get up their noses.


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What can you do if you are on the PTSB SVR? Firstly follow the post Brendan laid out.

If you have ANY financial product/account with them - move it immediately, if you can of course.

Mortgage protection, visa, deposits, current, life, house, illness, contents - anything, move it!

For example my mortgage protection insurance for the life of the mortgage will net PTSB €8,500.
Or rather it would have. It's being moved.
And there are cheaper policies out there. And let them know in writing why you are going.

Then tell all your friends, family and anyone you know the same thing.
If they are on a PTSB variable - ditch all the products you can.