We Need to Talk to Kick-Start our Economy (Hoteliers, Please Copy!)


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We received several presents this Christmas and we got our retaliation in first inasmuch as we asked for hotel/restaurant vouchers instead of the usual presents we annually get and pass on to the unsuspecting. And I know (in this forum) I've nearly always suggested giving cash presents over vouchers as nothing speaks as loud as hard cash. But, because of Covid-19, the permeating aura of depression etc we asked for the hospitality industry vouchers this year. I'm pleased to say that we now are in the possession of some mouth-watering vouchers which we can spend for our own enjoyment and in various locations in Ireland.

Most of the presents we bought were hospitality vouchers for quality hotels/restaurants which we know will be around no matter how depressing things would get. We bought these vouchers @ 10% discount too. We had to buy them before 2nd December to qualify. So, if we purchased a voucher for say €200 we got €220 "value." For us these vouchers were "grab-value" and we didn't have to think twice before buying. Even one hotel gave us a further 10% off voucher to use ourselves in their restaurant or accommodation. I thought that was good and much of my belief in all things Irish was effectively restored.

Ireland Ltd is on the verge of coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is going to end, fact! Hotels can advertise in USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, UK etc. But, if the Irish tourist living up the road doesn't come the season is doomed before it starts. The profit margin in hotel stays, eating etc is pretty good. Hotels gave good discounts back in 2008 when nobody was booking hotel stays. I must say I enjoyed these discounts and used Irish hotels as often as we could. I think it is now time for the hotels to do the same. A full hotel with smaller profit is better than an empty hotel with no profit. If I were a hotelier, I'd be getting on the ball and fast.