Waiting till annual bonus before leaving


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Firstly apologies if this is insensitive to people who dont have a job. But im not talking a massive bonus, and i put in many extra hours over the year. stressful times.

But can anyone advise when i can give a months notice that i am leaving a job and still get a bonus. Annual performance bonuses are announced in early march and paid on 23rd March. im planning on leaving my job, but I want to stay and get bonus before i leave.

Is it as soon as the actual bonus amount is announced, or should i wait till the amount goes into my account as they cant take it back then. or 3 days before payday as typically they are less likely to call payroll and ask them to stop the money going back into my account. its supposed to be a reward for performance in 2019 so i think i should be entitled as soon as they advise me how much i am getting. its probably only about 2k after tax. So not huge.


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Check your contract and employee handbook. I've definitely seen that bonus is not paid out when on notice period in the past.


Make sure you check the T&C carefully. This happened me back in the day and I checked the T&C of the bonus which stated that I had to be on working on the day the bonus was paid by payroll. This meant I was able to give no less than 30 days notice prior to that date (which at the time was the 1st of the month). I'm pretty sure I stayed a day or two beyond to be sure.


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How much is the bonus worth? Is it worth your while waiting for it to be paid before handing in your notice?


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A friend of mine did not check the Employee handbook and handed in his one month notice the 2 days before payday the 24th of the month ( wanted to take week off between the jobs). He boss cancelled the bonus as in the Handbook it advises you have to have employed on 30th of the month of the bonus. But not on probation, Notice Period or on a warning to receive it.

My Friend was stocked to have missed out 15% of his salary for an extra week off before he started the new job.


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Get the money in your bank before you give in your notice.

Although one months notice is traditional, and some contracts say three months; in truth employers can't really force you to work a notice period.