Utility room in garden shed


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Pardon my ignorance, I'm totally new to this, having lived in an apartment for years. We have now our own garden, and want to tear down the existing small garden shed (no concrete base, no wiring) to install a larger one that will be used as utility room. I already know that it doesn't need planning permission (3 x 3 m, back of house, standard height) and that we will need a concrete base.

The question is how do we get it wired and plumbed, should we hire contractors separately and coordinate them with the installation of the garden shed? Or can we get a package (I couldn't find any online), and if so, can anyone recommend a contractor?

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One builder is ideal but would probably cost more than getting a separate blockie, plumber and electrician, when I added a garage I asked around for recommendations, the blockie found the electrician and we went that way.
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A lot will come down to how much you know about the construction details and how comfortable you are managing the various trades. If you are well versed, then it can save you money to manage it yourself, but there may be other implications there for you in that role ensuring all is compliant with the H&S regs.

On the other hand, managing it yourself can be a recipe for additional costs if not well coordinated, say if the electrician needs to make multiple visits or the spec that was priced up initially does not match what has evolved on the ground.


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What will the washing machine waste water empty into?

Depending on whether you're located rurally or in an urban area that needs to be done right or else you'll get to live on with this project for many the year.....

- Its also the part that a Contractor might be tempted to do on a scale or to an extent that he knows will hold up until he's no longer accountable to be asked to return and stand over it....