Ulster Bank 30 Day Business Reserve - 2.7% - can I do better for same?


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Is there a better 30 day business reserve account I can use for approx 90k euro?

I use this one for handiness as I have a UB business current a/c, but that is a bad reason.

I will be adding to my business savings, at a rate of about 6 or 7k per month, but not sure for how much longer, also need access for paying tax bills etc.

Maybe I should have a chunk locked away for longer than 30 days as well as a 30 day reserve.

Any thoughts on Rabo?

Any other ideas?

Dont want to pay fees.

Thanks for your ideas.


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In my opinion, I think the Rabo option is best, for an extra 2% just to do it online, I think your money deserves it especially with the inflation thief robbing the future worth of your savings,

Hope this helps a little,


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I think Anglo are offering 4.2% or 4.3% on their instant access account. There is a minimum balance of €10,000 that you have to maintain. Internet and phone banking are available. I tried to look on the website for the exact rate but could not find it.