TV with Soarview and Freeview


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I live in Dublin. Recently I moved to a new place and want to buy a TV. I can't really live without any BBC channels. I cannot install a satellite dish since the building is old and this is not allowed.

I heard there is Freeview from the UK. Can this generally be received in Dublin?
If yes, is there a TV, the size shouldn't be bigger than 24 inches, that has built-in Freeview and Soarview receivers?

Of course, I searched already. But those features are not displayed together.


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Freeview and Saorview are both Digital Terrestrial so can be picked up by a single receiver. They are broadcast on VHF/UHF, just like the old radio broadcasts, and you need line of sight to the transmitter. In theory it's possible to pick up UK Freeview in parts of Dublin from the Divis transmitter in Northern Ireland or Arfon in Wales, but you would need a tall external aerial if it is possible at all. If you can't have a satellite dish I presume you can't have one of those either. Basically you can't pick up UK channels without an external aerial (UHF or satellite). The other options (at a cost) would be cable if you have Virgin Media in the area or over your phone line from the likes of Vodafone if you have good internet.


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You could buy an Amazon fire stick or Android box, install an app and stream you channels, no dish or aerial needed, just internet