TV & speaker setup help


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A little help appreciated.

I've just bought a Sharp 55 Inch Smart UHD LED TV with Freeview Play - Model number: 4T-C55BJ2KF2FB.

It has the following:

Sound quality:
  • Harman sound system.
  • 2 x 10 watt RMS power output.

  • 3 USB ports and 3 HDMI sockets.
  • Component video socket.
  • Composite socket.
  • Headphone socket.
  • Optical connection.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • DLNA compatibility

I need help to connect up the following:

I have ceiling speakers x 8 (never connected) ... wires loose near tv, BOSE 3-2-1 sound system was in old tv so I need to connect that up too. I have a SKY box and a DVD player to hook up too..

Looking at some kind of a unit to run all the speakers through?? After pulling out the last tv, I have cables everywhere and I know that my connections weren't efficiently done.

Is there a product/unit out there that I can connect up all my speakers and regulate them? I don't want anything expensive, not overly concerned with having a state of the art sound system - just one that does the job.



Do you know what make/ model the ceiling speakers are? Or at least the power rating?

You'll need an amplifier of some sort to take the audio output from the TV and boost it to the levels required by the speakers. If they are decent speakers, are they positioned in a manner that would make sense for a surround sound setup? An AV amp is likely the easiest method to wire up the TV, Sky box and DVD player so they can all use the same speaker set.

Do you have separate speakers with the Bose system?


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From the information you've provided, I'd guess the following - Leo is right, get an amp (7.1) to bring all the inputs (tv, skybox, dvd etc.) and send the sound out to the ceiling speakers (and get a separate subwoofer).
For example, what I have
All inputs go via hdmi cable into the amp (I've a Sony STR-DH800, but there are newer ones/ other brands out there). Talk to the guys in Richer Sounds on, they have good products and good advice (no affiliation) . I have the tv, skybox, xbox, blueray, chromecast, and record player all going to the amp.
You can set up the speakers, well some of them anyway, to act as surround speakers, but get a dedicated subwoofer for the base, and maybe a central speaker for the front of the telly for dialog. It will take a bit of research to come up with the optimal solution. Read up about 7.1 surround sound etc.
Also, TV speakers are normally not the best, simply because of the constraints of getting them into a tv housing. Some TV channels, and all dvds will have at least 5.1 surround sound so it is worth it.
And check the make a model of the speakers in the ceiling, to see if it is worth it at all, and as Leo said, placement is critical for surround sound.
I don't know about the BOSE 3to1. Is that an old record player/tape drive (with built in Amp)? If so, then chances are it doesn't have hdmi outputs. You should be able to connect into one of the inputs in the Sony amp, but the question is, is it worth it? If it's only for the record player, then there are new, reasonably priced record players out there.

I'd suggest a bit of research in your near future. Ask me any questions. I may not be able to answer them, but I have gone down the same path before.


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Well ... 22 years later. Ceiling speakers are B&W; specs as follows:


I put them in 22 years ago. Wires dangling from the wall. I'd be good at certain techie things but amps/speakers etc. baffle me. That's why I never bothered with them.

A new tv, with a desire to tidy up cables, has prompted to look for help. Each pair of speakers cost me IR£145.00 at the time. Any bit of surround sound at all and I'll be happy.

The Bose set up has two speakers and an acoustic module:

DVD player doesn't work anymore so I have a separate player. Manual is here:

If you can point me towards suitable amps/equipment, I'd appreciate it... even a picture would help... :)


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Hi Paddy,
I'd suggest giving the specs to RicherSounds on their thread on They are very good and fast at coming back.
Let them know what you have, and they will suggest an amp. As I said, I've a Sony STR-DH800 which I bought from them, and it, or it's more recent incarnation, would be suitable. But have a look at their threads, there is a recent one discussing various amps.