Transferring UK Pension to Ireland - Standard Life BOB - need a Financial advisor?


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I worked in the UK for three years (2012-2015). I have a pension from my time there and with a no deal BREXIT on the horizon I am looking about transferring this amount back to Ireland. My current DC scheme is not a QROPS so I will need to set-up a new scheme to transfer this pension over to.

I have done some investigation and I think my options are either the Standard Life Synergy Buy Out Bond or a Davy PRSA. I am waiting for a call back from Davy on the options I have there, but with Standard Life it appears that I need to have a Financial Advisor to set-up the BOB/transfer.

Is there any way around this? Has anyone gone through something similar recently and have any advice? Thanks in advance


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In the process of consulting on one of these transfers HMRC have revised their rules and transferror has found nasty sting in new regulations which applies to one form of QROPs but not another. So, its a 50 50 bet I'm sure you'll be fine without advice on this incredibly complex area.