Transborder worker, declare extra income where


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I live in the the Republic of Ireland but work in Northern Ireland.
I currently have no income in the republic of Ireland and therefor pay no taxes here.
However a Dublin based company has offered me a bit of consultancy which pays less than €5k (in fact its much less than this).
What's stopping me is i don't know what my obligations are as I've never had more than one income at a time.
Since i live in the ROI do i declare this to the revenue or am i better off declaring it to the hmrc in NI?
I am not a PAYE employee here in the republic so would i need to register as self employed?
I mean do i have to declare to revenue as i am resident here and can i apply for the trans border relief?
Its pretty new to me and i am unsure.
Any guidance would be brilliant


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The transborder relief can be complicated where your spouse, if applicable, also has earnings. Here is a link to the Revenue tax and duty manual on the topic

You will need to file a tax return in relation to your €5K income and this will need to include details of your claim for the trans-border relief. Transborder relief can be claimed on a Form 12 so you may not have to enter the self-assessment system.