Single family car with two drivers


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Due to COVID we’ve decided to sell both cars and get one new upgfamily car instead. We have two separate car insurance policies but as named drivers in the respective policies.
Question is, can we have a policy that allows both of us to keep our no claims and clean driving history? And drive other cars, if possible but not a necessity!
What about getting one policy in Person A’s name, Person B as a named driver but then switching it around the following year? I guess we don’t want to be stung down the line if we decide to get a 2nd car again!!!


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A lot of insurance companies (I know Aviva don't) count your named driving experience when you want your own policy in future. My wife got her first car a few years ago, and had been named on mine for years. Her first policy was 420 with AXA, so there were no issues with it being named driving only.

I don't know if it's possible to drive other cars though where you aren't the main policy holder.


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We did that for a few years, switched the policy holder and the log book name before the no claims bonus expired every 2 years. We knew we would be getting another car down the line. There were no issues, I don't think the named driver could drive any car under the policy though, just the family car, which was fine for us. I am not aware of it being illegal although I am open to correction. We drove the car about the same amount of time each so I couldn't find anything in our policy that negated it.