Key Post Simple steps YOU should take to avoid being scammed.


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In a showroom the other day, a staff-member gave her password to another colleague to access a system (I couldn't see as I was a customer about 5-6 feet away and they were behind a counter) ... I politely repeated the first two digits and then said, 'What was that again?'. The look of horror on both faces before they realised I was messing and couldn't see their system or prgramme was priceless. A lesson learnt.

Karma bites back. That same day, while looking for accommodation online a scammer played the classic 'I won't be able to meet you as I'm working away ...' but as they seemed to be in an industry I'm familiar with, my guard was partly down. It was only after I sent a 'we probably have friends in common' type response, that I realised I was being played. And sure enough, the wishy/washy reply did enough to convince me I was being played. (Thankfully no money changed hands)

My take-away:- never diverge an inch from the rules above, whatever the purported reason.