Selling a LPT exempt house, revenue specific or general clearance?


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bought our house in 2013, so we are LPT exempt until 2019. But we are planning to sell later this year, and I understand to sell we need LPT clearance certificate from Revenue to give to purchaser.

However, the house is in Dublin, and I expect it will sell above the 350k threshold for general clearance, so l suspect we will need specific clearance.

But not exactly sure, as I have no idea what value the house was declared at by the previous owners, since we've had no correspondence from Revenue/LPT since we bought the house apart from confirming our exempt status.

But specific clearance seems odd, as I understand it is to ensure correct LPT has been paid, but in our case we have correctly paid no LPT, so it seems general clearance should be enough, no matter what the initial or current valuation.

Anyone else in the same position?



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Since you mentioned previous owners, it wasn't a new build?

Bad news. In that case, if you sell before the end of 2019 you will lose your exemption, and have to pay the LPT before you sell.

I had to get specific clearance (different circumstances), but my solicitor told me what I needed in my case.