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Also Empire of Booze by Henry Jeffreys. An episodic book on how the British empire influenced the development of sherry port rum wine and whiskey. I like that you could dip in and out and read a chapter every now and then.


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I've just run out of books to read and I cant find the old thread with book recommendations so I'm just looking for some thoughts from other posters.

I don't like chick-lit and in this case I don't want non fiction. Previous books that I've loved for A thousand Splendid Suns or the Bookseller of Kabul and although they're not particularly good books, I love the pageturner quality of crime or suspense like Dan Brown. Any thoughts?
The Whitest Flower - Brendan Graham
The Day of the Jakal - Frederick Forsyth

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The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. Am currently on book 3 in the series, very enjoyable reads to date.


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Tiger Woods
Well researched & written and provides a good insight into the man himself, but nothing much new

Bad Blood
Interesting but it could have been written in 50 pages

The Traitor and the Spy
Excellent book. A real eye opener to Cold War espionage. Russia was pretty messed up thanks to communism.

I also bought Operation Mincemeat and am nearly finished- also by Ben Macintyre. Fascinating story of trying to deceive the Germans in WW11. A bit slower than The Traitor and the Spy but fantastic all the same.

Ben Macintyre has a great way with words and I'll probably read more from him soon.

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So, I'm going on my holibobs soon.

So far I have:

The new Tiger Woods book
Michelle Obama "Becoming"
The Spy and the Traitor
Bad Blood

I usually get through 5 books so looking for a recommendation!

I also bought The Second World War by A. Beevor. I've started reading this and it's very good but it's a bit big to be lugging around..
Just finished Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. Wow! What a book! It is captioned Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. That put me off but the duchess insisted I read it. Okay I am always a bit sceptical about a non fiction book with clear good guys and bad guys. The bad guys are launching a Unicorn set-up which claims to have a machine to do blood tests fast and using pin pricks with a view to ultimately being as ubiquitous as the iPhone. The good guys are ex employees who say the claims are mostly bogus. I get sceptical when we are told the good guys were motivated by concern for patients.
Nonetheless the exposee by the journalist is a fascinating insight. For those who want to know the facts of the story beforehand Google Elizabeth Holmes but you might prefer to do what I did and read the book as a page turner.