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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this. I got a temp overdraft with my bank six weeks ago as our twice yearly bonus was delayed. There was no problem with this. however it expired after this time and left my current account overdrawn for two or three days. The overdraft was repaid in full. However as our bonus will not now be paid until September due to negotiations. When I enquired about another temp overdraft the lady who handles my account said that I would have to wait for a few 'months' and then apply again.

I do all my banking with this bank.




Drop into the bank ans pick up a copy of the Terms And Conditions for your account. It should mention all the Rules.
If you can't find the rule you were told about ask them to point it out to you.

This one sounds like one of those rules that isn't really a rule. I regularly get told that I can't do a particular thing, and next time with a different teller it turns out I can do it.

My favourite line is "Oh, I was allowed to do this last month, Are you sure?". Quite often they are not sure at all.

I've been told by many people that if they lodge a cheque from a different bank to their account, it takes a few days before they can access it through an ATM. I've never had that problem. I think Bank "Rules" are a lot more fluid that we sometimes think.