Public service / further employment !!


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I was thinking of leaving the public service. I have been looking around at a few jobs. I worked before I joined it ,had about 40 A stamps.

Im running into a problem now in that as I will get a state pension 30k.. ish ,,,,,,,,,started a new job recently- odd day here and there / every 120 euro i earn nets me 42.
Im divorced.

Obviously I want to get employer to pay A stamp as I have 11 years before I get to 68 , so that I may get partial state pension at 68 if sufficient A stamps.

I am being told by prospective employers that for them pay this stamp , is uneconomical and too expensive for them... this leaves with no option as I want to

have this A stamp. Does anyone know why this is. I have 35 years of public service stamps , which I am beginning to think are useless.

Can I pay this A stamp myself? I presume if you are being employed you are obliged to pay social insurance stamps......think I will have to stay put which i dont want to