PTSB Investment Mortgage-Fixed or variable


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Before making my final decision thought I would check for other opinions.

My investment mortage fixed period is just ending.

Options are variable ,which is €15pm more than current fixed rate or go on a 2 year fixed, which is €130pm more or a 5 year fixed which is €235pm more!

I have had the property for 9 years and not missed any payments but the rent now doesn't even cover the mortage so the variable is the only road I can go down. am i to assume they want me to go variable which is why the fixed options are unattractive. any feedback appreciate. thanks


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stick with the variable. You don't really sound like you have a choice.
You could stick with variable and stick the difference between the variable and fixed rate in an account to cover you if rates go up if your worried about rates rising

However I think you should stick with the variable in your circumstances.


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Instead of hoping for the best be proactive. You posted both the 2 year and 5 year fixed so presumably you can afford them. Then go variable but overpay by as much as you can afford. That way you give yourself more lee way in the even of interest rate rises. I believe Irish banks are only going to increase rates.