Property adjustment order ....


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Anyone know the costs involved for a property adjustment order .....going through mediation with the ex hubby he hasn't contributed to the mortgage for over 3 years he hasn't had any contact with the bank it's been all me ....I had to go to court as the bank was seeking repossession thankfully that's all sorted ....he has a morgage judgement against the mortgage on the property ....can you still get a property adjustment order with a judgement mortgage .


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"can you still get a property adjustment order with a judgement mortgage "

Yes, is the short answer.

It's an order so it can/will be made by the Court in the course of Judicial Separation or Divorce proceedings.

If the order is made, it does not over-ride the Judgment Mortgage. If the Judgment Mortgage is not paid/cleared off, you will take the property subject to the Judgment Mortgage.



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I am not sure about the judgement mortgage bits but I paid 1300 to a conveyancing solicitor recently to have my ex husband removed from the mortgage and title deeds of my property. I was in a different situation when I divorced him and was able to utilise legal aid so when I contacted them for their files and their end of things for me it was 150 euro I paid them too. The good news is that in this situation you should be exempt from stampy duty and the bank themselves should cough up for the home valuation but you do need a few hundred for the banking fees too - my bank added the fees on to my new mortgage (kbc) but others may not. Best of luck.