Possible to add break fee onto existing mortgage?


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Hi ,

In the process of researching my second switch. Switched from kbc to boi last december to avail of the 2% cashback. Looking to avail of another cashback offer now, if possible. 290,000 remaining on our mortgage with house valued at 480-500k giving us a ltv of under 60%.
BOI looking for 800 to break out of 2 year fixed term @ 3%. I'm wondering do BOI allow the break fee to be added to existing mortgage does anyone know? If so im thinking of switching to tsb for rate of 2.65% 3 year fixed with 2 % cashback.


edit... i've read elsewhere that tsb look for you to be 2 years with current mortgage provider. Is there anyone with cashback deals that will accept 12 months?
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you can always approach local PTSB branch and ask nicely. Also EBS have cashback