Pension contributions worth 29% of salary for pre 2013 public servants


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It is frightening you Don't understand how beneficial deferral taxation is for your generation,
I do understand it.

Getting back to seeing Around 19%% of my payroll taken through PRSI, you have made up your mind to ignore it, compound interest is your only man, there ia a clue ,
I've given you costs, based on a pensions calculator from the Pension Authority. You come back with a comment about compounding interest.
I've pointed out all of the things that are paid for by the PRSI you and your employer paid, pensions only being a part of it.
Just accept that you (and your employer) didn't fund your State pension and be thankful that the young people who are working today, the generation shafted by your generation, are paying your pension for you. Just say thanks. That's all. A little gratitude goes a long way. If you really want you can apologise to them too, on behalf of your generation, for making such a mess of the country.

I'll thank them when I retire too (at 68). I already apologise when appropriate for the failings of my generation (I'm in my mid 40's) and how we are living beyond our means using money they will have to repay.