Notice Period Post Temporary Lay Off


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Hi there,
Would be interested in thoughts on this.

My work contract states a 3 month notice period is necessary before leaving my job.

In March all staff were laid off without notice due to Covid. We were asked to sign paperwork stating we had accepted a temporary lay off option. I did not sign this as, whilst I understood the lay off, I did not feel I had been given options, it was imposed on us and the company let staff all go and onto PUP rather than keep them on through the wage subsidy scheme.

We have since returned to work, salary now partially paid by TWSS, and business (large retail chain) is performing as well as ever.

Pandemic or not, I really feel the company has treated staff very poorly and I now want to take up a position elsewhere.

My question is, despite everything, can they still hold me to 3 months notice as per my original contract?

Any advice much appreciated.
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