Non-paying commercial tenant - how to get them to leave


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A parent lives in a property in a town and at the front of the property is a shop they let. There is a tenant there for over 8 years now and this tenant over the years has built up a substantial amount of arrears with my parent. My parent is quite elderly and despite my protests has always let this go. We are at the point now where a new lease was signed about 11 months ago and the tenant has paid zero this year. My parent is finally agreeing it is time to get the tenant out.
I want this tenant out as they are taking advantage of my parent, they have no intention of ever paying what is owed in the past or future.
I was told they owe money elsewhere and are being brought to court over it and I do not foresee they will leave my parent's premises willingly.

The current lease (annual lease) is up shortly and I would like to tell them we are not renewing it and ask them to leave but from what little I've read, because they are there over 5 years, this may not be possible.
I have no interest in regaining any of the lost rent I just want them gone from our property.
Can anyone advise what the best way to go about this is?