Mortgage Top Up Query


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Hi all,

In a 4 year fixed mortgage rate at 2.6% with UB and fixed rate expires in April 2022. Will decide at the time what to do and if a switch of lender is required which it probably will need since UB is exiting the market.

Will be looking to see if I can get a top up mortgage in order to fund a home renovation plan.

However my query is more in relation to what does a lender consider savings or equivalent as part of a mortgage application or mortgage top up application? I have about €70k in savings but its a mix of cash in current account, deposit account, bank investment account product, credit union account, Stock portfolio in Degiro.

Also what payments on a bank account statements are big red flags for a lender such as online betting transactions or perhaps regular standing orders to degiro trading account ?



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It doesn't matter where your savings are, but I'd suggest you keep it as simple as possible, to make it easier to assess your application.

Imagine you're in underwriting in the bank. You've 2 applications on your desk. Application 1 has a current account and a savings account to look through.
Application 2 has statements from 4 or 5 different accounts with different banks, and a few brokers for investments.
Which one would you choose to look at first?

Large regular transfers to gambling would be red flag.
Degiro will be fine so long as there's an investment to show for it.