Meter Readings


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Maybe they could be employed on other duties?
I doubt it as they are just 3rd party contractors and not direct employees.

As I have electric gates and I'm often away, I'm always enetering my own reading online.

It's easy to get a key for the box Marion.


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I have had a look at your spreadsheet, run a few of my bills through it, and don't get what problem it solves. All it seems to do is verify what my supplier has charged me.
Maybe I need to do a "Read me first" :) The little spreadsheet does the following:
  • Calculates your daily and weekly consumption in units and in money terms on-gong, and in advance of your bill
  • Calculates the fully burdened (ancillary charges plus VAT) cost/unit of electricity consumed for any billing period*
  • Forecasts the date your bill is due
  • Forecasts the total of your next bill, based on current run rates
  • Based on taking periodic readings (weekly maybe?) it supports decision-making about when to give Electric Ireland a meter-reading
*I believe suppliers should be obliged by the regulator to supply consumers with this information, the *real* cost of electricity.

If there are any suggestions from posters to improve the spreadsheet, or if bugs arise, please PM me. You know how open & receptive I am to suggestions :) :)


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I have a spreadsheet which tracks our electricity usage since forever - with graphs of annual usage and cost. This isn't really rocket science as anyone with a passing knowledge of spreadsheets could do it within 30 minutes


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Using existing technology and my little spread-sheet I can produce better more accurate estimates than the ESB when they miss meter readings. The new meters wili not reduce costs for the consumer they'll do the opposite (again!)

[EDIT] If ESB/ESB networks cannot estimate consumer bills accurately, how do they forecast their own energy needs?
Abroad for gas, ECB snd water your annual consumption is based on the prior year and then you pay by DD each month orbi monthly. I read the meters myself though the odd year some comes as well.

You don’t need a spreadsheet. Just add up one years bills and divide by 12 or 6.

Annually I’ll get a credit or have to pay more dependable on how severe the winter was. Not filling the swimming pool too often helps. In Ireland that wasn’t a problem as water is free.