Low pressure on Ferroli Tempra 24 gas boiler


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Low pressure on Ferroli Tempra 24 gas boiler

Moving into a house, built 2004.

It has gas CH, and I have no experience of gas.

Ferroli Tempra 24 boiler.


I got the elec and water working today, I turned a lever a quarter ways in hot press and heard water flowing. All taps flow, and toilets flush.

There is elec power to the boiler.

When I turn the main dial from OFF to ON, one of the five status lights turns on and stays on.

See fig. 41 in section 10 of manual, page 41.

It is the right-hand LED light, no. 5:

Insufficient pressure in central heating system (Flashing light)
Electric power supply (Permanent light)

The light doesn't flash, which suggests it's a power supply problem?

But the water pressure gauge is reading well under 1 bar, so that seems to be a problem?

I really appreciate any advice.


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there's probably a tap somewhere in your hotpress that feeds the boiler circuit and builds up the pressure. in my old house this was a little tap that you would see feeding a washing machine. If you can find this tap, switch it on and you should see the pressure gauge rise.

In fairness though, if you are moving in to a house and you dont know the history of the boiler, you should really get it serviced by an RGI before using it.