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I've thankfully never had reason to make a claim on my house insurance (other than a small washing machine fire some years ago) and I've always priced around for the cheapest deal. Recently I had a break in to my shed and a ride on mower and chainsaw were stolen! I'll be honest, I was dreading the whole process of having to claim, expecting a lot of argy-bargy from the insurance company as I expected they would try to avoid paying out on the claim.
I have been pleasantly surprise at the helpfulness and speed at the insurance company making an offer and paying it once I accepted. My faith in insurance companies is restored.
The sob stories about insurance companies are plentiful, but clearly they're not all bad and I think credit should be given where it's due!


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Wait until your renewal notice comes in the post!
Exactly my first thought too Paddy.

It would be interesting to see what value of a claim is worth putting through when you consider the excess + recurring increased premiums for future renewals (can't blame the companies though, they need to make a living too...)