Laya Laya policy - time to change plans?


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I'm hoping for some advice from SnowyB please!

My family's Laya policy is due for renewal on June 1st. At the moment the 2 adults (in their 50's) are on CompanyCare Plus. The 2 young adults and child are on ConnectCare 100.

My spouse's employer pays most of our subscription, but in recent years the shortfall that we pay ourselves has gone up a lot. We would like to reduce the shortfall without losing too much in benefits and Everyday Expenses.

In the past couple of years we have claimed for dozens of Everyday Expenses - mainly GP, Out of hours GP, and Physiotherapy. But the adults have also had investigations, radiology and Day Procedures which were fully covered.

The Everyday Expenses are important to us - but maybe we'd be better off with a less expensive policy which allowed lower everyday expenses.
As the 2 adults get older, we know the chances of needing hospital admissions or elective procedures is increasing. And we'd like to have enough cover that we could avail of the HiTech hospitals if necessary without huge excesses. We live in Dublin.

My spouse wants to stay with Laya.

I've rung Laya, and looked up their website and the HIA website. The Laya agent was suggesting the adults stay on CompanyCare Plus - she said it was a high scheme and we would lose benefits or have higher excesses if we changed. She recommended Simply Connect Plus for the young adults and child - which isn't a big saving.
Maybe we should move the 5 of us to Simply Connect Plus? Or Simplicity?