Jobseekers Credit Only - How often do you sign on ?


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I finished my jobseekers benefit in January and signed online in early February. It states that this was for January 8th to February 7th. The MyWelfare site has me stated as signing for credits only which is fine. Thing is, I haven't been asked to sign since. Does anyone know how often I should be asked to sign ? I don't want to find out in a few months that I was scratched off as I need all the PRSI stamps I can get.
Once a year in September. They will notify you by post in advance.

Your credits will continue up to age 66 provided you remain unemployed.
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I’m been made redundant soon at 55 , I’ll get enough to keep me going for 2 years but obviously I’ll be claiming jobseekers benefit for 9 months ….my wife earns 30k so that’ll probably mean I won’t qualify for Jobseeker’s Allowance after that if I’m still unemployed.
Couple of questions … do you have to go to post office every week or can you get job seekers benefit paid into your bank account ?
If I qualify for no payment JB Allowance after 9 months due to wife working do I have to pay for credits you speak of for state pension ?
You have to collect your weekly JB payment from the post office.

Prsi credits are free of charge.
Was made redundant on April 5. I collected Jobseeker's Benefit on Monday 15th for 9/04/24 - 10/04/24 92.80 euro - it actually said Extra Days Paid: 2 and today Wednesday for 11/04/24 - 17/04/24 232 euro and it said Extra Days Paid: 6. How much is a day as I can't reconcile both payments. Is a day 46.40 euro? Any help appreciated?
Yes the payment is 46.40 euro per day. A full week of Jobseekers is paid for 5 days so 232 euro.

They then complicate the whole procedure by counting the total term in days that you receive Jobseekers Benefit, based on a 6 day week.

You have probably been awarded 39 weeks of Jobseekers Benefit.
This is counted as 234 days.

What they are saying is that you currently have been deducted 2 days for the first week and 6 days for your second week.

Your total remaining period of Jobseekers Benefit is now 226 days.
I signed on yesterday for the first time for Jobseekers Benefit in a Intreo Centre. The guy told me to come back in August and I asked - 'Can I sign online?' - He didn't seem familiar with the process but said it shouldn't be a problem and said he will ask his Supervisor and I should get an e-mail or maybe a notification online in my account. Is online signing common or would I be in the minority doing this?
If I have to go to an office that's fine.
You can do it online. Sign into and there should be a link usually supplied via your notification email to sign at the office.