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Squonk said:
Just to expand this thread if I may....I'm looking at getting my wife an automatic car (she can't drive 'real' cars...women!). Anyway, I've looked at a Mitsubishi Colt 1300 in a garage. 40K miles, 2003, €11k. However, its a Japanese Import. Any advice? Is this deal Ok or should I run a mile. The Japanese import makes me worry in terms of servicing and resale value.

sqonk how about a toyota corrolla automatic 1997 4door 1300cc with 70k on the clock immaculate 3k:D


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11k sounds good for a new model Colt with only 6k on the clock :eek: hasn't been broken in yet and if it's a jap import then the spec will be high, most other 03's are old models for around 10k for the extra 1k you are getting a new model in as new condition and high spec plus that 1.3L engine is sweet you shouldn't have any bother there, parts and servicing will be no bother either as the car has an Irish equivalent.
Resale shouldn't be a problem as the Colt always has a good following and the new model has been a popular buy.

Good Luck ;)

Review from www.HonestJohn.co.uk looks good :)

What's Good

Built at the Born plant in Holland along with the 5-door MCC Smart. 3,870mm long. Code name NCC (New Compact Car). Original code name CZ2 not carried through to productio, so just call it a Colt. German built Mitsubishi designed Mivecs 1.1, 1.3 (88bhp) and 1.5 (109bhp) direct injected chain cam petrol engines, plus a 95bhp 1.5 chain cam diesel, plus (eventually) a 150bhp 1.5 turbo petrol. Optional 'AllSpeed' automated manual (electric clutch) transmissions. Electric power steering. 594 litre load area with seats folded. On sale in UK from September 2004.

1.1 Black 5-speed petrol: £7,999 (Launch Special, with Smartnav)
1.1 Classic 5-speed petrol: £8,999
1.1 Equippe 5-speed petrol: £9,999
1.3 Equippe 6-speed AllShift petrol: £10,999
1.5 Equippe 5-speed direct injected diesel: £11,499
1.5 Equippe 6-speed AllShift direct injected diesel: £11,999
1.3 Elegance 5-speed petrol: £11,499
1.3 Elegance 6-speed AllShift petrol: £11,999
1.5 Elegance 6-speed AllShift petrol: £12,499
1.5 Sport 5-speed petrol: £11,499

Lots of room inside; very comfortable rear seats; plenty of headroom; good view for driver through quarterlights in front pillars which eliminate potential blind spots.

Launch Special Colt Black has radio/CD, remote central locking, front power windows, plus safety equipment including driver and passenger airbags and ABS plus electronic brakeforce distribution and sporty-looking red seats as standard.

All new petrol engines (1.1, 1.3, 1.5 DOHC, MIVEC) designed in Japan and built in Kölleda (Germany) by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation / DaimlerChrysler "MDC Power GmbH" joint-venture facility.
All new Diesel engine (1.5 DOHC, common rail, direct injection), sourced from DaimlerChrysler.
Manual and automatic manual gearboxes.
Roomy interior (class leading 1,705 mm front + rear legroom).
Excellent rear seating flexibility (60/40 split, sliding, reclining, folding, tumbling, removable seats).
Passive safety (interactive "RISE" structure, driver/passenger/side/curtain airbags)
Active safety (standard ABS & EBD).
Perceived quality (soft touch paint on trim, translucent parts, high grade upholstery).
15" alloy wheels standard across the range (except for Black).
Sensible features (in-dash 6-disc CD changer, 12V in-trunk socket).
Traditional Colt reliability. Good value for money. The first really serious competitor to the Honda Jazz.

Good four star NCAP crash safety rating; three stars for child safety.


Road test at www.honestjohn.co.uk/road_tests/index.htm?id=143

More at www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk

What's Bad

Been a long time coming.

What to Watch Out For

Too soon to say.


i have heard people are now bringing in granite for houseing etc from japan its 1/4 the cost of local suppliers and that includes delivery


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Thanks for all the feedback on the Colt. We just bought it at lunchtime. I always feel a bit 'dodgy' after I buy a car (actually I always feel dodgy after I spend any money!)but hopefully we should have no problems.


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Squonk said:
Thanks for all the feedback on the Colt. We just bought it at lunchtime. I always feel a bit 'dodgy' after I buy a car (actually I always feel dodgy after I spend any money!)but hopefully we should have no problems.
Best of luck with it ;)


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Just window shopping, hopefully buy something eventually. What's the views on Japanese imports ?
Any NCT problems etc ? Toyota the make i'm looking at.