Irish Life Buy-out Bond - switching funds?


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Irish Life personal Buy Out bond, from 2006, not a big fund, initial premium = 12,800

Set up on execution-only basis, 2% initial commission I think.

Two funds, 50/50 into each, both with 0.75% AMC.

Active Managed Fund series P - this seems to be a 1bn actively managed fund with 67% equities, 20% bonds, etc.​
Indexed Irish Equity P - small 50m fund holding 51 Irish shares​

Over the 12/13 years the Irish equity fund has fallen to 33% of the plan value.

By 2018 the Irish Equity fund price was approx the same as at the start

I was stupid to put half the funds into purely Irish shares, especially as I also own some Irish shares directly!!

Now I want to sell the Irish Equity indexed fund, I will take the loss, I want to switch to worldwide equities, as it is 20 years to retirement.

My question is: which 100% equities passive ILIM fund to switch into?

I can see a few in my account and on this website:

(1) Indexed Global Equities, 263m, 1.50% AMC seems very high

(2) Indexed World Equities, 1bn fund, 0.75% - this looks good

I welcome any advice.


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Go for the Indexed World Equity. It is cheaper and it tracks an actual index. With the other one, the split of countries is is based on the average weighting of shares within Irish managed pension funds.

My concern is that with both funds, not only do they not match their benchmark in any of the 6.5 years of data on the factsheet but they under perform the benchmark each year (no one gives out for too much return. Over 6.5 year, the World Equity misses 1.11% of growth for each year while the Global Equity leaves 1.98% per annum behind!!! These tracking errors from the biggest life company in Ireland are shocking. The likes of State Street have a tracking error or 0.12%.