Independent Financial Advice/Planning? - Galway


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Hi, I was recommended to come on over here, from another group.
Having come through a tough few years, financially I have finally got back on my feet. In direct contrast to a few years ago, I now have a permanent job, a partner adding extra income and an extra house, + my own house (but paying far too little on mortgage repayments), and finally, savings that basically I don't know what to do with. (No debts bar the mortgage.)
I have lots to sort out : mortgage(s)(2 houses now), pension, healthcare & young children's future, and I'm basically clueless as to how best to do it.
I believe I need some independent, financial advice but do not know where to start looking.

I started, on advice, with the Central Bank Register but all are commission based. I believe now that it's not actually an advisor but a planner that I need? Advisor appointment today but not sure this is what I'm looking for....(commission based advice which means, I presume there's a product to be bought.)

I've also now been sent to the ftsb but I see a long list of names that mean nothing. How to ascertain what you are getting for your money?
(Feeling ignorant but hopeful.)