Importing a van for DIY Camper conversion


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Question re someone living in NI who's going to be moving back to Ireland this year.

Are they better off (VRT, duty and camper reclassification wise) getting a UK/NI reg standard van and converting it while still in NI/UK then importing it into Ireland when they move back there?


Importing a standard van from UK/NI to Ireland (storing at a friends in Ireland) then doing the conversion and reclassifying after importing it?

The van will be a Mercedes Sprinter LWB with no VAT.

Generally speaking, is this model of van cheaper here or in the UK, considering the import costs?

Thanks for any replies.


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getting a UK/NI reg standard van
There's a big difference depending on whether it's NI or not. No duty or VAT would apply on an NI reg, but both would in a non-NI reg.

The van will be a Mercedes Sprinter LWB with no VAT.
How do you mean no VAT?

I don't think it should make much difference, assuming it's an NI, but there's a lot of paperwork.

If you import Van, you'll have to pay VRT, etc within a month. Then when converted, you'll have to take it again for VRT reclassification, and you'll pay VRT but I think there's an allowance for the fact VRT was paid on the van.

Are you doing the conversion yourself? If not, you might be influenced by where you can get the work done.