How to make complaint to Financial Regualtor


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I've looked on their site and I do see contact details but nowhere to explicitly make a formal complaint. What is the procedure?

Long and short of it is that I've a friend who took out a Tracker mortgage in June 07, has all the documentation which explicitly states Tracker Mortgage and the margin. She went in twice this week to enquire what her interest rate was and was told that no she had in fact a Fixed Rate Mortgage, and that it was at a higher rate than on all her documentation.

I think 2 calls in person is enough to resolve any confusion or human error so I've advised to simply put all her documentaion together and make a formal complaint to the Regulator and not stress about it. Either she was missold or the mortage was changed without her consent.

How to?


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If you go into the itsyourmoney section of the site there is a step by step guide how to complain (under your rights).
There's a link to the financial services ombudsman ( who should be able to assist your friend.



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They will then follow up with a letter by post to you requesting you to sign within a certain timeframe in order for the complaint to be dealt with, I'm not intirely sure but they may also need it to be signed by the Financial Institution or respondant. It may be time consuming but good luck with it.


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To take a case to the FSO you will first have to exhaust the original financial institution's complaints process and, if still not satisified, get a final response letter before filing an FSO complaint.