house on 1/2 acre, in town, how do i go about getting planning permission for 2 houses


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I have a house on 1/2 acre site on the outskirts of a town but actually within walking distance to primary schools, railway station shops. The house is an old cottage, i am thinking of selling it but wonder if it would be worth getting planning permission for 2 houses on it and then selling. I don't know who to go to first about this, the auctioneer, the architect, the planning board.????

Looking for any advise


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You should check with your local planning authority - they will let you know what type of development is approved for the area. If it is in the country they do not generally allow once off houses but as there is an old cottage they generally allow extensions etc., There doesn't appear to be much sense in getting planning for two houses and then trying to sell - whoever buys might not like your plans. You could always develop the two houses yourself if you get permission and then try and sell them.