Hospital Level 2 Irish Life - looking for an alternative


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My parents are on Hospital Level 2 and have got a renwal notice (€6,000!) - they're looking for a comparable alternative... Dad in hospital and hasn't given my mothers name nor mine to insurers to allow me to talk to them on behalf of policy holder. Any suggestions for alternative. cardiac & Opthalmic cover important they're both in their 70s


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Hi DaughterMac,

Welcome to AAM. The following 2 plans are worth considering as alternative options.

Similar hospital cover to current plan, only difference is a 2000 co-payment for orthopaedic procedures(hip or knee replacement surgery) in private
or hi-tech hospitals compared to a 500 co-payment on Hospital Level 2 plan. The savings overall will more than compensate.
Much better day to day cover on new plans with a 1 euro excess compared to a 200 excess on current plan.

Details as follows;
1. Irish Life 4D Health 5 plan; price 1695 per adult.

2. Irish Life Best Ultimate Active; price 1759 per adult.

They can change plans at any time during the year, regardless of renewal date.
When is their renewal date?

The above prices will stay the same until end of October 2019.

Regards, Snowyb
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