Heat pump or LHZ electric heaters? (Photovoltaics included)


New Member
Hello everyone im new here and I need your help and input regarding what is te best option to add heating in my newly built house which will be ready in september.

We currently live in sunny Cyprus whuch has 4 months winter, 2 months spring and 6 months very hot summer. So I am going to add photovoltaics to produce energy for free.

Regarding heating we got 2 offers from specialists. One reccomends to go with heat pump and 4kw photovoltaics and water heating panels for the whole house (Total cost 13500 euro) This guy has experience 18 years in this market.

The other guy is just starting out and reccomends to add 7kw photovoltaics amd LHZ lucht sapphire electric panels in the whole house. Total cost for everything including panels is 11500 euro.

What is the best option?