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Hello - I am wondering if people have any suggestions - I am travelling to the USA with my other half shortly for a period of around 6 months. We will live there full-time. I will not be working although he will.

As we are unmarried I do not get cover from partner's company-arranged health insurance however they will pay this for me (up to a certain point) - I just need to invoice this back to them. I just need to do the legwork myself.

From what I can see here in Ireland only VHI and BUPA Intl provide cover for me abroad. I looked at but it doesn't seem to mention anything about private health insurance of any type. Is there anyone else in the market here in Ireland providing this cover that I can get some quotes from? It is very expensive and there are huge differences in the quotes I am getting so far.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


From what I can see here in Ireland only VHI and BUPA Intl provide cover for me abroad.
Only in a very limited way. Their coverage is really designed to provide a base level of coverage for Irish people travelling to the US on holiday, primarily designed to cover emergency treatment and/or repatriation. It does not provide the same level of cover as standard holiday insurance, and I don't think it would really suffice for someone living in the US.


Make sure that any cover applies to a long stay such as six months. Long stay foreign health insurance cover and/or long stay travel insurance cover might be what you want. The following topic might be of some interest in relation to the latter but bear in mind that most people tend to look for (one off or annual multi-trip) short stay cover:


Try Allianz Worldwide Care Ph 6301300 They may be able to help