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My siblings and I want to set up an account with 3 names on it - probably a savings account but we may have to transfer a lump sum over. We currently have an account but only 2 out of the 3 of us are named on it and we find it extremely difficult to add the third member of our family onto it. We also don't seem to be able to set up a standing order into it - we would want to save in the region of €1,500 per month.
The original account is with KBC.
Any advice?


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I cannot answer your question directly sorry, but I'd just say that you should give good consideration to whether having a joint account with siblings is a good idea. Money and family/friends is rarely a good mix and commonly leads to falling out. It's just so difficult to predict the future, who knows how people can change or their life circumstances shift. Obviously I'm saying this with zero understanding of your circumstances, it could be totally fine, but if you're on the younger side I'd just give this a second thought and consider whether there's a safer way to do what you're trying to do. If something did happen and you ended up falling out over money, you'd look back in 10/20 years with huge regret.

Just a thought...