Great CDs in Dealz (€1.49) at the moment. British indie stuff

Betsy Og

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Best of the Manics, Starsailor, Cast, Radiohead, Sterophonics, Travis etc.

I know the cool kids would have bought them 15 or 20 years ago, but for lads like myself an auld splurge @€1.49 is worth it for listening material in the car.

Also got a CD of the first or 2nd album I ever bought, When the World Knows Your Name by Deacon Blue, great album, the cassette (remember those) is long since lost/mouldy/chewed. The other 1st/2nd album was Hysteria by Def Leppard which, while sounding dated, is still nae bad.

The only pain with Dealz is that everything is mixed around randomly so you'd have to flick through every stack to see whats there, whereas if they grouped all like CDs together it would be so much quicker & less frustrating to search.


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When the world knows your name ... brilliant album .. think I have it on cassette too... must check it out.