Getting a mortgage after lump sum DSA


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Is it any easier to get a mortgage at some point in the future after doing a lump sum dsa vs Bankruptcy?

The dsa will be on my record for 5 years. Is it effectively regarded the same as having gone bankrupt by potential lenders. Or is it looked on any more favourably if looking for a mortgage in the future?


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Hoping to shed some light on a situation.

My fianceé and I bought a one bed apartment in January 2008 for 265k through the Dublin city councils shared ownership scheme. A couple of months later came the crash. We accepted our situation and continued like most people however in 2011 we had our first child which mad it harder to stay in the one bed.. we spoke to the council about moving to a bigger property and still pay the same as we were but they said no. We stressed to them that it wasn't a money problem it was simply we needed a bigger place to raise our child. To cut a long story short we contacted new beginings and spoke with a PIP. We done a deal with the council & bought out of the contract handing back the keys without being blacklisted.

A couple of questions:

Would we qualify for a mortgage now considering we done a DSA ?

Are we classed as 2nd time buyers after this long ?

Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated, thank you