Garage by Boundary Wall


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I am potentially purchasing a site for a new build house, and I’m checking to see if we can fit in a ‘residential garage’ beside the house. It would be for storage rather than a car and it looks like maybe 4.5m wide by 6m long would be a good size.
My question is can I build the garage right up against the boundary wall, or does it have to be in 1m? The boundary is to another site where a house will be built in the coming years.


You can't build on the boundary without the other party's permission, you should step your wall back from the boundary enough to achieve the proper foundation for the wall and to ensure there is no part of the roof overhanging the neighbouring property and that you have access to render the garage wall to make it weatherproof.

You'll need planning permission at that scale, whoever you are getting to design and draw the proposal should be familiar with the requirements.