FE1 law society exams - non law graduate


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Daughter started a 14 week course in June for FE1 law society entrance exams - 3 subjects. Attended all lectures - Company, contract and constitutional. Exams at start of October - 3 weeks time.

She’s finding the study tough - maybe she has taken on too much - without a law background.

I notice an iCM advanced diploma in law - city centre college over 1 year - 2700 euro. 2 nights per week. Would this be a better option and then progress to the FE1 ?


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Hi cmalone,

Yes it is tough, especially if she hasn’t done law before, also remembers that she has to pass all in the first round. If she fails one then all three have to be repeated at €105 each time.

My daughter has studied 4 years in UCD; she completed first 3 in March and is now studying for October exams.

Perhaps she should consider her options, good luck with your/her decision.


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Of course it will be tough , I'd be worried if it wasn't

See how the exams go and see if she is sure it's something she wants to persist with

Like accounting a law career is often defined by where you train , bear that in mind aswell