Motor Exchange your EU Driving license for an Irish License and save money


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It might be already common knowledge, but just in case other immigrants from rest of Europe are wondering.
it should be common knowledge that you can use or EU-country issued driving license to drive (and get insurance for) a car when you live in Ireland. There’s no need to exchange your license to an Irish one.
However, not doing so will most likely cost you a fair chunk of money extra every year on your car insurance.
in my case - driving in Ireland with an Austrian license (passed test in the early 90ies) for 10+ years, full (7+ years) no claims bonus, no points, etc. - the difference is about 25%!
Given the process of exchanging my license was extremely painless and cheap (55 euro), I am slightly kicking myself now that I haven’t done so many many years ago.

So whilst for the law the EU license is perfectly fine, the insurance companies charge significant extra, without telling you about it.

The only “nice” thing is that I am getting a good refund now on my recently renewed insurance, after uploading my new Irish license details.
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