Electrical wiring question...seperate cooking and hob


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Hi there. Have just removed an old cooker/with hob unit from.kitchen. have isolated 6mm connection separately fused switch

New cooker has a seperate job.
Both have 2.5mm connections on them

Is it just a matter of connecting both the hob and the cooker into the terminal connection I have at the end of the 6mm cable?


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Don't know how I missed this one from the 6th Sept.

You can do what @Leo suggests but ONLY if the cables to the hob and oven are also at least 6mm sq..

I suspect that they are only 2.5sq., in which case they MUST be changed.
May be easier to loop from one to the other rather that trying to get two 6mm into a block connector.
Imperative that 6mm sq. cable is used and all connections are tight. Check/re-tighten after a week.